23rd March 2017

DSC06148-1High Tea

Another chance to show off the lovely celadines from my garden.

I am away for a week from tomorrow and am not sure if I will be able to post anything but will be back next week and will catch up the photo a day then.

20th March 2017

DSC06097-1.jpgMagnolia Heart

We have a Magnolia Tree in our front garden which although it can produce beautiful blooms is very susceptible to wind, rain and cold, which means most years the blooms fall before they open. This is one I picked and had left in water to enjoy. I had never seen inside one before and so had a lovely surprise when I went to photograph it this morning.

14th March 2017

DSC05854-1.jpgGlistening Inkcap

A mushroom I picked up this morning. I think it is a Glistening Inkcap but am not sure as they are so hard to identify. It is definitely an Inkcap as it left me with really black fingers!!